Tenant Space Planning

Space Planning- Through twenty some years of designing and planning interior space, we understand what people need in their workplace. We approach interior space planning by putting ourselves in the place of the employee or user of the space. We have contact with potential tenants, do space planning and coordinate getting the construction requirements to your building architect.

Building Standard Finishes- We develop building standard finishes in one to three color schemes to offer tenants an easy choice for selection of carpet, tile, paint, window treatments, doors, trim and millwork finishes. We prepare presentation boards of building standard finishes and electronic presentations to present to tenants.

Square Footage Diagrams
- We calculate computerized square footage documentation for tenant spaces.

Marketing Plans
- We document marketing plans of buildings/ floors for use by leasing agents and as exhibits to lease documents.

Common Area Interior Design- We also design the common spaces for multi-tenant buildings including finishes, decorative lighting, tenant and building signage, building directories, artwork and interior